About Us

Cesky, Krumlov & Ubytovani started doing legal work with online casinos during 1995 when the first advancements of online gaming came into being. Prior to that time, the firm had much experience helping clients with the legal issues surrounding physical casino operations.

The legal team of Cesky, Krumlov & Ubytovani works in the jurisdictions of the UK, Western and Eastern Europe and Russia. Our attorneys are skilled, energetic, and highly motivated to help our clients succeed in their business by avoiding as many legal troubles as possible.

Quality legal document translation is available. Clients may review documentation in any language they prefer. Perfect legal translation of documents helps our clients understand terms in the language that they are most familiar with. This is true even if the contract is written and must be accepted as legally-binding in another language according to the laws of the proper jurisdiction. The languages we routinely work with include English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Czech, Polish, Slovak, Maltese, Romania, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, and Ukrainian.

The main goal of the staff of Cesky, Krumlov & Ubytovani is to understand our clients’ needs to make sure their goals are prioritized. Any legal work necessary is done efficiently with excellence and supreme attention to all the details.

The quality of our work reflects these overriding values. Our staff is well-respected in the various legal systems where we represent our clients. The long-standing relationships that we have with regulators, government officials, and representatives of the various legal systems, help us to achieve the most positive results possible for our clients.

When defending a client against litigation, we bring an army of legal support to the cause. We are able to crush with overwhelming power any attempts by our legal opponents to harm our clients. Because of this, most litigation is dropped or settled way before it goes to through a lengthy court battle. This saves our clients money as we quickly gain dismissal of frivolous lawsuits or modest settlements for other cases.

If we initiate litigation against others on behalf of, and at the direction of, our client, we bury the opposition in motions with paperwork stacked to the ceiling. Our strategy is to make it very clear that meeting our client’s demands is far more cost-effective than engaging us in a lengthy legal battle, which we will ultimately prevail and which will cost our opponent vast sums when we win the judgment for our client.

In both circumstances, when either protecting our client from litigation or advancing litigation on behalf of our client against others, we first give our client sold legal advice regarding the merits of the case. The goal is to manage investments in legal services effectively without wasting enormous sums on unnecessary legal fees.

Our private clients benefit from having a set annual fee for legal expenses. This allows them to know in advance the annual investment for legal support and feel confident that all the issues will be well-covered to minimize legal risks. Our job is, to try to the best of our abilities, to keep our clients out of court, not in it. Many of our clients have not had to deal with either side of a lawsuit for decades. Such is the reputation and the successes of the clients that engage Cesky, Krumlov & Ubytovani for legal services.