Internet Gambling

Cesky, Krumlov & Ubytovani offers legal services to support physical and online gaming and gambling operations. We have in-depth experience that saves our clients time and money. We keep our clients aware of the impact of the most current regulations for Internet gambling and any proposed changes that are in process.

We track legislation constantly and immediately advise our clients of issues that could cause a negative impact on their business and opportunities for increased success due to changing regulations.

Physical Gaming and Gambling
Although our focus is on online gambling and casinos, many of our clients also have physical gaming and gambling operations. In fact, the most successful ones started with physical gaming locations many decades ago. They evolved into online gaming as the opportunities emerged with the commercialization of the Internet that started around 1995.

The legal team of Cesky, Krumlov & Ubytovani advises clients in regards to compliance, licensing, and regulatory issues for physical locations. We work with sportsbooks, casinos, gaming arcades, bingo game operators, and manufacturers of gambling/gaming equipment.

International Support
Having the legal support that extends across borders and is made in the appropriate language is necessary for our clients that have operations in multiple countries and accept online players internationally. We represent our clients in the UK, Russia, and in all Western and Eastern European jurisdictions. We have a legal staff that is fluent in every European language, English, and Russian.

Online Gaming and Gambling
Our experience and expertise, in providing legal assistance to online casino operators, include capital raising through the issuance of private placement memorandums and license filings in multiple jurisdictions that is fine-tuned for a specific country’s rules and regulations.

We consult with clients to give legal approval for the content in advertisements. We advise our clients on contract agreements for sponsorship. We help our clients maintain positive relationships with the governmental authorities. Additionally, we reduce the risks of litigation and, when necessary, we represent our clients in any litigation that may occur.

Some of the areas we work in are, banks and banking services, casino administration, operations, and security, compliance certifications, incorporations, internal audits, internet hosting provider agreements, licensing, online platform provider contracts, payment processing companies, software developers and IT consultants, telecommunication service, and trusts.

We conduct due diligence for investors that are considering making investments in this industry sector or for the purpose of mergers and acquisitions.

Governments work with us to receive legal advice about current regulations and/or proposed changes in the laws that control online gaming and gambling. We were part of the advisory team that set up the pan-European regulations that subsequently became accepted as the European Union’s standards for gambling regulations.

Since our offices are in the heart of the City of London’s financial center, we are strategically located in the perfect place to help with any Brexit issues that arise from the UK exiting the European Union. We have very strong relationships with all the governmental authorities in the EU, Eastern Europe, and Russia.