Private Clients

Private clients have a special relationship with Cesky, Krumlov & Ubytovani that allows them to benefit from legal and financial services that are not available to regular clients.

Legal Benefits for Private Clients
Cesky, Krumlov & Ubytovani represents private clients in visa and citizen applications. A client may obtain permanent residence status or apply for dual citizenship under special investor programs available in certain countries. Our law firm, has an excellent reputation for obtaining these visas and passports for our clients and their family members.

Some clients save enormous amounts of taxes by shifting their business headquarters and/or their personal residence and citizenship to a country with beneficial income tax rates. In some circumstances, our clients legally avoid paying any income taxes whatsoever, saving them many millions of Euros each year.

Legal advice is provided to our private clients for financial services, investments, real estate transactions, and estate/tax planning. We also handle private plane and/or yacht registrations and annual renewals for our clients.

Legal services are provided on a flat annual fee for clients who deposit a minimum of 100 million Euros in an investment advisory account. This account is co-managed on behalf of the client by our law firm along with a major European Investment Bank.

All private client affairs are handled with complete discretion. We utilize the highest levels of secure encryption technology to provide the utmost in privacy protection. Private client information is also protected by law under attorney/client privilege.

All client records are kept in a secure offshore location that does not recognize any requests from any country to supply client information under any circumstances.

Financial Benefits for Private Clients
In addition to assistance with all legal matters, for our private clients, we offer private banking services through our affiliation with a major European Bank and a major European Investment Bank.

Our private clients have a personal banker that handles all needed banking affairs directly and with the utmost in professional attention. There is no need to visit our offices to conduct any banking transactions. Our personal banking service is available 24/7 from any location in the world.

When banking needs arise, simply request help from your personal banker using your secure identity verification procedures and your needs will be met during the next banking business day according to your instructions. Should any transaction require your formal signature, your personal banker will bring the necessary documents to you, wherever you happen to be at the time.

In addition to all standard banking services, we offer personal signature loans, and credit cards with no limits that have an exclusive low interest rate with spectacular reward programs. We offer financial planning for retirement funds and trust funds, property and management services for residential and commercial properties. Our private clients receive complimentary invitations to vacation at some of the world’s most exclusive resorts.

Private banking makes every facet of a private client’s needs for any financial transactions as easy and convenient as possible. Private client’s transactions are processed with the highest priority and utmost care. Private clients have special access to financial products that are not available to regular clients. Wealthy families are invited to set up a private Family Office to handle all their banking and financial affairs.

Private clients also receive VIP invitations to special events, which include such wonderful opportunities such as the social get-togethers at the Billionaires Club, red carpet reception at the Cannes film festival , and exclusive Mediterranean cruises on private mega-yachts.